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Discover the finalists!

Here are the 11 teams that will continue the 20 projets pour 2020 adventure!

  • Académie des Seniors

    Nathalie Celik
    Responsable Projets Direction Commerciale - Réseau - IDF

    Yan Darquest
    Conduite du Changement Projets Dir Commerciale - Réseau - IDF

  • Activ'Habitat

    Siham Laux
    Directrice Communication SF
    LBP - Ile-de-France

    Sophie Habermacher
    Dir Projets ANCI
    Transverse - Ile-de-France

    Dimitri Louis
    Pilote d'exploitation
    LBP - Ile-de-France

    Tifenn Ollivier
    Encadrant de Proximité
    BSCC - Ile-de-France

  • Ad Vitam

    Stéphane Boniol
    Chef de projet SI - BSCC - Hérault (34)

    Eric Homs
    Chef de projet SI - BSCC - Hérault (34)

    Patrice Delcassine
    Chef de projet SI - BSCC - Hérault (34)

  • BeFoodie

    Laura Gonzalvo
    Customer Experience Manager - Geopost (Seur) - Espagne

    Ana Gutierrez
    Strategic Marketing - Geopost (Seur) - Espagne

    Ana Garrido
    Network Information Management - Geopost (Seur) - Espagne

    Olga Gil
    Internal Organization - Geopost (Seur) - Espagne

  • Duo City Shop

    Yvan Hatchikian
    Responsable Production PIC - BSCC - Isère (38)

    Fabienne Oviguian
    Responsable Qualité PIC - BSCC - Isère (38)

  • Iléou

    Mercedes Azero
    Consultante DRLOI - BSCC - IDF

    Alain Chotil
    Coordinateur Excellence et réingénierie Process - BSCC - IDF

    Alexis Mignon
    Ingénieur Chercheur - BNum (Probayes) - Isère (38)

    Marguerite Ruiz
    DGA Sofrepost - Transverse - IDF

  • Lend & Family

    Tony Bergere
    Architecte IT - LBP - Loire-Atlantique (44)

    Hervé Combey
    Responsable de Service - LBP - Haute-Garonne (31)

  • MooVie

    Inanna Martin
    Directrice Communcation - Geopost - IDF

    Chantal Le Gueziec
    Directrice Ressources et Organisation - BSCC - IDF

    Marc Lefebvre
    Réseau - Bouches-du-Rhône (13)

    Sabine Gruhier
    Responsable conduite du changement - Bnum - IDF

  • MyBest

    Carine Homsy
    Responsable Projet Innovation - Bnum - IDF

    Eric Villiers
    Consultant Innovation - Externe - IDF

  • Numéo

    Mathieu Liberge
    Directeur Etablissement - BSCC - Seine-Maritime (76)

    Eric Perrin
    Cadre qualité - BSCC - Seine-Maritime (76)

  • Social Pick Up

    Alfonso Leton
    Chef de Projet Métier - Pickup Services (Geopost) - IDF

Submit your innovative project!

To contribute to the economic growth and transformation of La Poste.

The contest “20 projets pour 2020”, an ambitious, transformational and innovative program open to all the employees of the Group, was launched in 2014 as part of the strategic plan “La Poste 2020 : conquering the future”.

We challenge you to suggest your most daring and innovative ideas for a new business activity that will boost the growth and contribute to the success of the company in new markets.

In 2014 and 2015, more than 2,500 Group employees got involved and nearly 900 projects were submitted; 39 of these had a European scope. Are you ready to be bart of the challenge in 2016

Do you have an idea for a new business? Do you want to put your skills to the test and join a great team? Employees from any position, department or location in Europe can join a team and develop a project!

Once the competition is over, the winning teams will receive six to eighteen months of support as they roll out their projects and demonstrate their viability.

Imagine the products and services of tomorrow and together let’s shape the future of the Group!

Virgile Bertola - VP of Group Strategy, Foresight and Innovation

20 Projets pour 2020 - 2016 edition
VP of Group Strategy
2016 President of the Jury

20 projets pour 2020, the community

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A place for discussions and advice on innovation and intrapreneurship

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Find team-mates or volunteer to join a team

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Helpful information on preparing a project

The Challenge steps


For the finalists

• Coaching from young entrepreneurs
• a two-day training session to refine your proposal

For the winners

An opportunity to work
on your project full-time
for six to eighteen months
and demonstrate its viability

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Big finals !

The program: presentation to Groupe's top managers

Projects from the 2014 winners
are currently being rolled out